Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wavin' Hi!!!

Hi Stamping Friends!!
It's been so longed since I've blogged, that I'm not even sure I remember how!!!  It's summertime, so that's means I've traded my stamping obession for my reading obession.  I've been doing nothing but reading and reading and reading!!!  Love it!!  Well that and driving my kiddos to and from the pool 12 million times a day!!  With 3 kids in swim and 2 of those kids also in water polo and everyone one of them with different practice times and game times, I spend the majority of my time driving to the pool, at the pool, or driving home from the pool.  Not to mention swim meets two nights a week that last until at least 10 pm!!!  No wonder I don't feel like stamping!!

But the good news is, I have stamped a few things but never had the time to blog about them.  I finally had time to take some pics of stuff, so I'll take the next couple of weeks to show them off.

Today I have two cards to show you today.  My youngest brother is getting married on Saturday and our family had the honor of helping throw a bridal shower for his wife-to-be.  And I had the job of creating the invitations.  Lucky me!!!

I had sooooo much fun making these!!!  I gussied them up as much as possible.  The colors of their wedding are Rich Razzleberry with black and silver accents.  I added so many layers and details to these that they ended up costing extra to mail!!  Thankfully my mom paid for the postage.  I ended having to make 36 of these beauties.

The shower turned out beautifully.  We had it in my brother and sister-in-laws backyard.  Just an all around gorgeous day.  One of the "shower games" my family likes to "play" is envelope addressing.  I use the term "shower game" very loosley, as it's really not a game at all.  Every attendee receives an envelope and they are to write their address on the front of it.  The envelopes are then collected and one envelope is pulled from the pile and that person gets a prize.  What's the point?  Now the bride-to-be as all her envelopes already addressed to send thank you notes for her shower gifts!!  Here's the thank you notes I made:

These are much simpler than the invitations.  I was tired after all that work!!  And I didn't want her to have to pay extra postage, so I kept them on the clean side.  Plus, I didn't have enough Rich Razzleberry Grosgrain for each card to tie in a bow.  I ended up making 40 of these.  I figured she could use the extras for whatever else she needs to send a thank you for.

Well this week will be filled up with last minute wedding stuff (making programs, picking up tuxes, rehearsal, finding hubby something to wear!!), work, and more pool duty.  Hopefully I'll remember to post again sometime soon.  Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am!!

Happy Stamping!


Mickey Roberts said...

Krystal, it's so good to "see" you! Glad all is well and that you're enjoying the Summer. Lovely invitation and thank you cards!

Ann Schach said...

Beautiful cards, Krystal! I love the colors and the wonderful details!

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

So good to see you!! Wow, you certainly have been busy. Glad you made the time to post these, great job! I know they appreciated it. Take care hun, we miss you!