Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Hi Stamping Friends!!

Merry Christmas!!  Here is the Christmas postcard I designed in My Digital Studio, that I never mailed.  If you want the full story of why I did not mail out Christmas cards this year, check out our "family" blog post: The Christmas Card Blues.

This is a pic of my three kiddos at my brother's wedding this past July.  15yo man-child was an usher, 6yo DS was the ring bearer (with 7 flower girls!!), and 13 yo DD got a pretty dress and hair-do "just because".  Can you see the nice "shiner" the 6yo is sportin'?  His 4yo cousin, the day before the wedding, decided to whack him in the eye with a hard plastic toy.  It was a big day of "firsts" for him.  First time being a ring bearer and the first time he had a black eye.  Great memories!!

I hope you are enjoying a blessed Christmas.  And since I'm not very original and like to CASE everything, I'm going to CASE a Stampin' Up! sentiment...

"May the miracle of Christmas
find you safe in the Peace of God,
warm in the light of Christ."

Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

Great picture! You should change the sentiment and send it out anyway :)

Yapha said...

Love that picture, and such a great card! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.