Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How To... Stamp Names with Photopolymer Stamps

Hi Stamping Friends!!

Taralyn's water polo team chooses a "secret sister" during the season. On game days they give each other little gifts. We've never done this before, so the first time I just put together a small cello bag filled with candy and attached a small tag...

Apparently I'm the "cheap" mom because Taralyn came home with a full bottle of Gatorade, some Goldfish crackers and one of her favorite candies!! Lesson learned. Looks like I need to up my game. So I went to Target and bought every item on the "secret sisters" favorites list.

And since a tiny cello bag was not going to cut it, I decided to stamp on a large brown paper lunch sack. So here is a little tutorial on how to stamp names using Stampin' Up! Photopolymer stamps.

I used the Epic Alphabet stamp set...

Here is what the sheets of Photopolymer stamps look like...

The first thing I did was remove the letters I needed and lined them up on my grid paper with the "stamp" side down and the side that "sticks" to the clear block facing up.

I know it looks like I don't know how to spell, but that's because "scotty" has two t's and you only get one t in the set. So I was just creating space to come back later and stamp the extra t.

Next I placed my clear block on to the line of letters and "stuck" them to my clear block. (Photopolymer stamps are so sticky that this is very easy to do and none of the letters fall off).

Next, I removed the r stamp and inked up my "personalized name stamp".

After stamping the partial name, I came back with a single t and filled in the missing letter.

Then I added some stars that come with the Epic Alphabet set and the #yougotthis sentiment from the @SoSocial stamp set. (The "seriously" sentiment came from an old Paper Pumpkin kit)

I finished it off with a bag topper made from some extremely old, retired DSP. Trying to use up those scraps don't ya know. ;)

If I had created this for an adult, or if it was a one time deal kinda gift, I would have gotten much more "over-the-top" with my stamping and bag topper decorating. But we are talking high school girls here. It's going to end up in the trash or the bottom of their backpack anyway. So cest la vie. Let's keep it simple. And besides, it's whats inside that really matters in this case. And this time I was in the know and I filled that sucker up with all kinds of snacks. I'm not going to be the "cheap" mom any more!! ;)

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Happy Stamping!!

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