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Friday, April 8, 2011

For Real Friday 4.8.11

Hi Friends!
Welcome to For Real Friday.  The one day a week a share (maybe a little TMI!) about me and my life.  But first, some stamping fun...

Stamps:  Choo Choo, Teeny Tiny Wishes
Paper:  Tangerine Tango, Pacific Point, Whisper White, Real Red
Accessories:  Perfect Polka Dots EF, Red Striped Grosgrain, Spiral Edge Punch

Sketch Challenge:  CREATE WITH CONNIE AND MARY #145
Color Challenge:  DIVA COFFEE BREAK DESIGNS #222
Theme Challenge:  STAMPIN' SISTERS IN CHRIST #83 Make a card for a child

Luke 18:17  "Amen I say to you, whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it."

I love participating in the challenges over at Stampin' Sisters of Christ.  They always include a verse and a little devotion with each challenge.  As I type out this verse, I can't help but think of the families in Brazil who lost their precious children in that horrible school shooting.  My heart just breaks for them.  What an awful tragedy.  My prayers are with them.

In all my various reading this week, I've ran across lots of passages that talk about the things Jesus said regarding children during His ministry on earth.  I'm guessing God wants me to sit up and pay attention for some reason.  Jesus loved little children.  He paid attention to them.  He blessed them.  This was out of the norm for the day.  The disciples even tried to shoo away the little rascals, but Jesus said no, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."  Luke 18:16  We need to approach Christ with these same childlike attitudes of acceptance, faith, and trust.  Notice I said "childlike" and not "childish".  BIG difference!  Maybe that's what I need to be learning this week, that I need to let go of my cynic adult attitude and come before God's throne of grace with the faith and trust of a little child.  Oh, I have so much to learn!

Speaking of children... I had a not so pretty mom moment this week.  I told youth pastor hubby that I don't think I will survive parenting teenagers.  14yo man-child made a not so smart choice last Sunday.  Nothing that will put him in prison or even get him a detention.  It was just one of those decisions that disappoints you as a parent.  I did not give a 20 minute lecture on what a bone-head I thought he was (even though I wanted too!), but he knew I was not happy with him.  When he was heading for bed that night, he came and gave me a half-hearted hug (like always), and a kiss on the cheek, and said "I love you".  I told him I loved him too.  As he walked away I added, "Even if you are an idiot."  I thought I would get in one last dig for the day, just so he would know how disappointed I was.  I was even more disappointed when I saw his shoulders slump as he kept walking.  Why oh why can't I keep my mouth shut?!!  Why did I go and have to slam him one more time?!!  Did I really need to bring it up again?  Get the last word?  Oh what an ugly mom moment!!!  I have been trying for many years to control my tongue, but apparently I've got a lot more work to do.  Then to add salt to my wound, the next morning he posts on his FB page... "I love you, but your still an idiot.  Thanks mom for the words of encouragement."  So now the entire world knows what a fabulous mother I am!!  What I really need to do is apologize.  And try not to be so "childish".  Oh Lord!!  Please help me get through these tough teenage years and still have my children love me when it's all over with!

I've been doing lots of reading lately.  Do you guys have any great books that you've read lately?  I'd love to hear what's in your library.  I need to head to work right now, or I would share more.  Maybe next week.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for stopping by!


StampingMinnie said...

Too cute. I love that ribbon -- got to get me some of that ribbon. I like how you arranged your card and how you used the ribbon to bring you to the focal point of the card -- the train. Awesome!!

LeAnne said...

Oh, if we could only eat our words with a fork & spoon! Don't beat yourself up too much, Krystal!! The Lord forgives us, your son will forgive you too! Your card is sweet, btw!!! ALways love what you make!

Grace said...

Hi Krystal! I love your card but even more was touched by your thoughts and how you openly shared your not so great moment this week. I so agree on everything you said about childlike faith and trust!!! On the other thing... just be assured that we ALL were brought up by imperfect parents and we ALL have become imperfect parents... but our kids survive. Yes... I had to do my share of apologizing too... and guess what?! Even THAT is a BIG statement to our kids and is a teaching moment in and of itself! "Moms and Dads make mistakes but I'm not too big to say I'm sorry." It is one thing I believe is important to show our kids not only the right way to go, but the right way to go when we do perhaps the wrong thing or the not best thing! These years are not easy years, but making the most of each teaching opportunity will in the end yield it's fruit!

Thanks for sharing with us at Stampin Sisters in Christ... hugs and prayers for all the wisdom and strength you need Mom!!!

JulieA said...

Very cute card. And a good reminder to trust the Father like a child does. I can so relate to your story of your child and you. I've said a "few" things that I regret (be still, thou wayward tongue!) and try to remember to apologize as soon as I realize my mistake. Asking for our kids' forgiveness is a very important step of raising them. They need to know that even as adults we all (and they will) make mistakes. What's best is if we own up to them. Parenting sure has a way of growing us up and facing our own fallibilities, doesn't it? Hang in there, Sister, and keep praying.

Lisa said...

First, we've all had moments like this. I've had them with my 21 year old daughter, my 18 year old daughter and my 13 year old man-child. It's how we learn and grow as parents. Take him out to lunch and tell him how proud you are of his successful achievements and let him know you are moving on from his poor choice the other day. He will forgive you and he still loves you!

Your card is awesome! I love how happy it is! Thanks for playing the Create with Connie & Mary challenge!

Nana Connie said...

Love visiting your blog. Not only do I get inspired by cards like the little train (perfect child card) but I get an uplift from your posted thoughts and scripture. Our children are a blessing, but wouldn't it have been great if we had been taught to be 'the perfect parent' before we became parents? :-) It's a learning process for all of us, parents as well as children. God bless you.

Holly said...

What an adorable Cho Cho card.. I love the bright colors.

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

Everyone has already said it beautifully, but when did that ever stop me from adding my 2 cents? lol
We all have had those moments we wish we could take back. Definitely find a time just you and him, perhaps a "date" for ice cream or something. Let him know that you're so sorry for having said that. It does make a huge impact when a parent can go to a child and say I'm sorry, I made a mistake. I can't promise it will never happen again, but I'm working on it, understand it's my flaw not yours. Make sure you both give and receive a real hug, not a halfhearted one.
You will survive the teen years, even if it may not seem like it at times. My son is 25, and as a single parent, I got to make enough mistakes for two parents all by myself, but we both lived through it!
Hugs to you!!

Debbie Henderson said...

What a perfect little boy card. That ribbon is so perfect! Thanks for playing at Create with Connie & Mary!

Deb said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about mothering! I am glad that I am not the only one! And I loved reading your thoughts on what the Bible says about children! Love it! And I love your card, too! I love how you used the spiral punch in place of the scallop border! Thanks for playing the challenge at Create with Connie and Mary!

Mary Brown said...

Oh that train image is just soooo cute and you did a FABULOUS job with the sketch! Thanks for joining us this week on the Create with Connie and Mary Thursday Challenge!

Connie Babbert said...

What an awesome kids' card! I was just thinking that I really needed to make up a stack of them...I have that set and have never even mounted it! Thanks for the idea!

Ahhh, that age is SO tough. Remarkably, they do grow up to be fine young men! Just talk it out and let him see that you aren't perfect either...that will help to smooth the waters.

Thanks for playing along with Create with Connie and what you did with the sketch!

Carrie Gaskin said...

I love the bold and bright feel of this card Krystal - thanks for playing at CCMC this week!

~Erica~ said...

Oh so cute Krystal! I especially love the use of the spiral punch. And I am always a sucker for the ribbon! Love this card! Its awesome!! Thanks for playing at CCMC! :-)

Rush'd Lady said...

Cute boy card! I'm a former homeschooling mom, now a Sunday School teacher! :)

Rush'd Lady said...

By the way, don't be so hard on yourself. We all fail as mom's. Forgive yourself -- God does!
I'm taking a NAMI class. I homeschooled our son who is now 24. He was diagnosed when he was in the age range of 2nd grade with ADD/ODD. It wasn't easy to raise him, nor is it still easy sometimes as he still lives at home. I'm one of the moms in Christine Field's book Homeschooling the Challenging Child. Have a better week. Praying for both of us to have those zippers! :)

Kristin Moore said...

Great card Crystal- love how you used the Diva color challenge! Thanks for playing along and for sharing your "mom moment" with us- we've all had those. Recognizing our mistakes like those keep us learning as well- parenting is the hardest, most important job anyone will ever do.

Kristin Moore said...

Congrats Krystal on being the DCBD Featured Artist with this card! Yippee!!

Sharon F ( Created By You) said...

What a fabulous card Krystal! Love the colors and the ribbon! Thanks for playing along with the Diva Coffee Break Designs Team and congrats on being selected as a featured stamper!
Sharon F