Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Stamping Super Hero #1

Hi Stamping Friends!!

Many of my stamping friends have asked me where I get my stamping creativity from.  I can not tell a lie. I get all of my stamping fabulousness from other Stampin' Up! demos. :) Before a class or club, I scour the internet for ideas and layouts. Then I borrow, steal, CASE, and tweak their ideas into something that works for me.

I thought it would be fun to share with you, all of the amazing Stampin' Up! demos that I stalk. I call them my Stamping Super Heros. Someday I would love to meet them in real life. But for now I consider them my "pretend stamping friends". :) I use to follow their blogs only, but now I follow them on Facebook and Pinterest as well.

Without further adieu, here is the first SATURDAY STAMPING SUPER HERO:


Isn't she amazing?!

You can follow her blog here: PINK BUCKAROO DESIGNS

Here Facebook Fan Page here: PINK BUCKAROO DESIGNS - STAMPIN' UP!

And her Pinterest boards are here: ERICA CERWIN

I follow her on all three forms of social medai, but my go to place first is always Facebook. Last month, another Stamping Super Hero posted a super informational way on how to follow your favorite Facebook pages and make sure you actually get to see what they post. Facebook is mean. They only like to post the "popular" stuff in your Newsfeed. You miss a lot of stuff if you do not put your "liked" pages into Interest groups.

Here is Robin Merriman with her very easy, very informational (with pictures!) post on:

Remember, it's not enough just to "like" the Facebook page itself. You also need to "like" the posts and pictures, and you need to leave comments on the posts. Then Facebook will know that you really LIKE that particular page and might let it show up in your Newsfeed. But I prefer to check out my Stamping Super Hero Interest group. Then I get to see all of my favorite 110 Super Stamping Heros all in the same place. :)

If you want to follow me on other social media besides my blog, here are my links:


Are you stamping this weekend? I have a project started that I hope to be able to finish. It's part of my ongoing Lent Challenge. To send one card everyday during Lent. (Okay, so I kind of sort of cheat because I send 7 or more cards once a week, but let's not get legalistic here!)

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stamping!

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~Erica~ said...

WHAT!!! You are so SWEET!!! Thank yo so much for featuring me! And I adore you and all of your creations as well. You have officially made my weekend!!! :-)